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Where's the daily grind taking you?

  • Are you overwhelmed with trying to get projects done for demanding internal stakeholders?
  • Are you spending more time thinking about hiring the right people, rather than the projects to fuel the company?
  • Are you managing offshore teams with a “hope for the best” strategy?
  • Are you spending more time on day-to-day project management or HR duties and less time on “Technology Deep Dives”?
Why IT Hands
why it hands?

We created our company for you

For the last 15+ years, we’ve served over 600 clients. We know how frustrating and stressful it can be to get pulled into projects you didn’t anticipate because they weren’t done right the first time. As an outsourced development company, who has worked inside corporate development teams for years, we understand how important it is to get more quality projects done on time and on budget.

Get back to your real job.


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how does it work?

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Responsive delivery


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The IT Hands Commitment

Communicate effectively, proactively and regularly

Focus on the success of your project

Be consultative throughout the project

Be transparent in all of our processes

Have Americans embedded into the company

Admit when we fall short and make it right

Get back to your real job.

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What to look for in an outsourcing partner

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I really appreciate the commitment you guys made to this project – and are still making. You are meticulous in keeping us on track and moving us forward.

Michael Pro Advisor Drivers

Thank you.  We’ve been very happy with the work of IT Hands over the years on our website development. This is the first mobile app project we have had them work on, and I think they did very well.

Jeff DeMoulin

Get The Bandwidth To Do More Projects

IT Hands Can Provide The Support You Need
Work with Americans

Work with a dedicated American account manager to make sure you get the right skills for your project.

Drive more revenue

Say yes to more projects and make more money for your company. A lot more.

Increase quality

Get peace of mind knowing that the work you’re receiving is the quality you’d expect for a 1/3 of the price.

Skills on Demand

Gain access to a wide range of development skills whenever you need them.

Try before you buy

You’ll have a chance to experience our agile, flexible and speedy development capabilities on a project before you hire more expensive W2 employees.

Executives overseas

How’s this for quality control: Our executives actually LIVE overseas so you know they are on the ground floor working on your behalf.

Be a leader again

You’ll finally get back to what you were hired to do – seeking new ways to innovate and leverage technology for your customers.

Make your in-house team look awesome

Work with an agile development team that will be an extension of the current development team that you already have in place.

Get back to your real job.


Miss opportunities to leverage tech for your business

Hire the wrong people

Continue to say ‘no’ to key stakeholders because of lack of resources

Get back to your real job.

Contact us and get back to your real job.