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IT Hands' delivery team includes software engineers, testers, project coordinators, graphic UI/UX designers and internet marketing specialists to complete your project on-time and under budget.


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IT Hands offers onsite support in understanding and implementing your project. If your project demands it, IT Hands' global experts will come to you to make your project succeed.


"Our decision to trust IT Hands was spot on.  Their USA team listened to our needs, and their project team in India is simply fantastic:  from project management, to code design, to visual interpretation.  Their methodology and approach are easily a best practice in the industry leveraging an ideal balance of project structure and considerate flexibility.  Great people doing great work.  Worth every penny!"

Jason Redmacher
Jason Redmacher
- Jason Redmacher
CEO of

"The communication aspect of the process was probably the best part. The team did an excellent job of making sure that every concept was clearly understood before the work began, the team communicated well through the process to ensure expectations were being met, and he led the implementation and testing phase well. Overall, this has been an excellent experience on the Givington's side and we will continue to point our author and organizational partners to IT Hands. Great work!!"

Richard Cole
Head of Operations at

"I was very pleased with the work IT Hands has done. A month after activating the new subscription system everything appears to be working as I had hoped. They worked very promptly and within the expected budget. I was very pleased with the communication and felt that setbacks were always addressed upfront and openly. I had no problem getting responses very quickly. The team were great to work with. It was a much better experience than I've had with some other web development companies in the past. Thanks for the hard work and great results."

Skye Jethani
Skye Jethani
Skye Jethani
Founder of

"Nice…! Thank you. Thank you. Really good week with so much work done and so much success. Thank you, ITH TEAM. You guys are the best. I always feel fully supported by you guys and brag about you whenever I get a chance to talk about our developers! I’ve told 2 of my friends who have developer needs that they need to work with ITH because you are the best!"

Nathan Hammond
Nathan Hammond
Executive Director of

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