New projects should be fun, not stressful.

Outsource your complex web and mobile app development and get back to winning new clients and thrilling old ones.

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Why are you stressed about new projects?

  • You don’t have enough developers on staff for your current load.
  • You are tired of working with freelancers and outsourcing teams with poor communication.
  • You can’t risk hiring more developers, and then have no work for them in 1, 3 or 6 months.
  • Your project load is not consistent enough to justify the risk of hiring more full-time developers.
Why IT Hands
why it hands?

Outstanding experience without breaking the bank.

IT Hands specializes in working with digital marketing agencies and web companies. We hire highly-skilled Indian developers and project coordinators, who work alongside American relationship managers. This gives us the uncommon ability to deliver top-quality work within the project’s budget.

Get back to winning new clients and thrilling old ones.


how does it work?

Successful results
Responsive delivery


Discuss Your Idea


Discuss Your Solution


Get Your Project Done


The IT Hands Commitment

Communicate effectively, proactively and regularly

Focus on the success of your project

Be consultative throughout the project

Be transparent in all of our processes

Have Americans embedded into the company

Admit when we fall short and make it right

Get back to winning new clients and thrilling old ones.


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What to look for in an outsourcing partner

IT Hands is a great partner. They allow us to scale when we have long-term or short-term projects and they are responsive; like an extension of our team.

Jeff Founder of Media Fuel

Thanks to great work and dedication by you all the project was a clear success – and Adobe was very happy with how the event unfolded.

Kash Founder of Ezra Digital

With IT Hands you can...

Win more new clients

Grow existing clients

Power quicker agency growth

Grow capacity instantly

Get higher margins on your development

Empower employees to focus on their strengths

Level revenue from quarter to quarter

Expand into new technologies quickly

Get back to winning new clients and thrilling old ones.


Turn away new clients

Hire the wrong people

Run out of work for your team

Get back to winning new clients and thrilling old ones.

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