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IT Hands has been a part of the open-source software community for over 15 years, creating custom modules, extensions, plugins and add-ons to various open-source software platforms, CMS platforms and frameworks.



We believe that UI is what a person “sees” and UX is what a person “feels”. A user will only stay if they feel good about what they see! Using software like Sketch, Invision, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator, our UI/UX designers create stunning designs with strong calls to action (CTAs).

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Front-End Development

Our team uses the latest tools and techniques to convert designs into reality. We create web pages and themes by the features of HTML5 / CSS3 and Bootstrap 3/4, which are optimized for various screen/device resolutions. We use SASS to style the theme and Webpack to generate our production-ready files.

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Back-End Development

Powering some of the most popular websites in the world, PHP is fast, flexible and extremely practical. Our team develops on CMS platforms, like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. We also love working on PHP frameworks, like Laravel and CodeIgniter.

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Ecommerce Development

Ecommerce Development

Magento is our favorite choice for large, complex eStores. Our certified Magento developers use this extensive, open-source content management system to create e-commerce sites. For smaller eStore requirements, there are dozens of WordPress eStore plugins with WooCommerce being one of our favorites.

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Web Application Development

We love to develop large web applications and have thrilled our clients with applications for accounting systems, horse sales, cash flow management and many other areas as well. If you want to start with a new idea or take your current web application to the next level, IT Hands has the right team for you.

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Startup & MVP's

Startups & MVP's

When we design a product, we begin with the audience in mind. In collaboration on projects, we follow Scrum software development using Agile processes to create an MVP product. We have a “deploy first, code later” mentality, believing a quick-release product allows us to design based on user-driven features. Our team collaborates from the start to release a high-quality product with the least amount of expense, time (and stress) for you!

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Maintenance & Support

Maintenance & Support

After a project goes live, your customers need support for not only their mission-critical features, which require emergency support. They need everyday support, including updates and security enhancements. Whether it is small upgrades, new features or content updates, we work with you to offer around-the-clock support for your client’s needs.

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Web Development FAQ

We develop in most open-source platforms and frameworks within the LAMP stack. Here are a few of our favorites.

PHP Laravel Wordpress Magento Codeigniter

We have three distinct processes to ensure code quality.

  1. Each project has a highly-experienced developer as a Tech Point on the project. The Tech Point’s role is to help the project make the right technical choices and to ensure development quality.
  2. Each project has a code reviewer, who provides spot audits to the development work throughout the process. If issues are found, a full audit is launched on the project.
  3. We have a robust project audit team that audits projects for various points of quality, including code quality.

We use various tools during the development phase to push the code to production. For development, we use PHPStorm as an IDE, Git to manage code version, Gitlab to manage the code repository and CI/CD tools like Gitlab CI, CodeShip, and Jenkins to push the code to the different environments for staging and production.

phpstorm Gitlab Gitlab CI CD Codeship Jenkins

We handle bugs and issues in two ways.

  1. A tester is assigned to each project to do both functional testing and design testing throughout the life cycle of the project. They use a variety of tools to track bugs, including BugHerd, Mantis and GitLab.
  2. After we have finished our QA process, we will provide you with a User Acceptance Testing sheet for you to test your project as well, so that we can be sure the project meets your expectations. Any bugs found in the UAT period, we will fix immediately.

Bugherd Mantis Gitlab

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