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Case study

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Thanks for all of your team's extra efforts to help us out. I am very thankful for each of our ITH team members.


Executive Director

Eduspire Solutions has ingenious ideas for making routine school tasks flow more smoothly. In particular, hall passes. The main goal? Digitize day-to-day hall pass interactions in schools across North America. In place of students, teachers, and principals handling paper hall passes and schedules there is a fully transparent and flexible digital system. The challenge? Taking the complex task of scheduling activities or monitoring students in the hall and making it flow more smoothly through technology.


From the beginning, Eduspire asked ITH to not just “take orders,” but to actively consult throughout the project. ITH took the time to deeply understand the workflow surrounding hall passes in a school and transformed them into a practical digital tool. Ensuring success meant weekly meetings with the owners, diligence on the part of each ITH team member, and creative thinking and discussion from all involved in the development process. ITH ultimately delivered an intuitive solution for both students and administrators in the school.


ITH continues to be Eduspire’s trusted technology partner to maintain existing and innovate new products. Eduspire is transforming the way technology is used in high schools and middle schools across the United States.