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Automation: Improve Workflow With Package Managers

Speed. It’s a goal you have for your business. How can you deliver a project faster, streamline the process, and ensure a quality product? There are countless options, but one is most effective: Automation. Automating your process, development and quality

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Development Day August 2015: Speeding up websites with GULP

Last weekend, the IT Hands team got together for a day of professional development and team building. We learned from each other in areas of Javascript, communication development, UI/UX understanding and how to improve our Agile company process. Each presentation

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CMS or PHP Framework: Which technology is better for my business?

Four features distinguish CMS from PHP frameworks. When setting out to build a website for a company, having the client understand these differences will make for a smoother road in development and website maintenance. CMS and PHP Frameworks: Defined CMS

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An opportunity from Mobilegeddon

You have spent time and effort giving your clients great websites which highlight their expertise and great products and invested hours into cultivating a trusting partnership in which everyone wins. Many of these clients’ projects, done years ago, were cutting

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Google wants my site to be Mobile Friendly?

Is that even a real question? Without a doubt, Google wants to be your interface to queries and provide the fastest search results possible. If Google is the most used search engine, a mobile screen is the most used device

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