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3 Acronyms Your Clients Should Know: UAT, UAP and SLA

Every web company owner is at risk for a common (sometimes devastating) ailment - the “never-ending project.” This dangerous scenario can be prevented by simply educating your clients on 3 acronyms: UAT (User Acceptance Testing), UAP (User Acceptance Period) and

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9 Effective Scrum KPIs

Whether a software development team uses Scrum or some other method to determine quality assurance, every project has to be evaluated and problems isolated, in order to improve a team’s quality of work. Similar to other development methods, there are

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10 Quick CodeIgniter Tips

Introduction Whether you are a newbie to CodeIgniter or a CodeIgniter Pro, there’s always more you can learn to make the process easier. I have compiled 10 quick CodeIgniter tips to make your experience with CodeIgniter smoother. Here are the

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Mandrill Integration with Mailchimp: A Guide

As of April 27, 2016, Mandrill will only be available under MailChimp's umbrella of services. With this change, you need to know how to complete your client's Mandrill integration with Mailchimp. Mandrill Overview Mandrill is a very popular transactional email

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6 Reasons Why a Website Stops Working

You get a notice from your client. Their website stops working. Again. Before you stress over the fact that you are getting blamed by your client for this “catastrophe” let me suggest some possible ways to respond to this common

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