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ReactJS vs Angular 2.0+

If you are comparing ReactJS vs Angular 2+ you are thinking about the future. That’s great! Let’s clear up a few things first. React is a library and Angular is a framework. If you know what an MVC architecture is,

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Why Choose a Progressive Web App?

A Progressive Web App is a web application that looks like and acts like a mobile app, and these apps are the latest in the tech world. It is a downloadable technology that looks and acts like a mobile app.

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Codeception: A Proven Automated Testing Tool

Testing is crucial prior to publicizing a software product. There are two types of tests: Manual and Automatic. Both have their benefits. For this blog, we’ll be doing a quick overview of the time-saving qualities in automatic testing, focusing on

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5 Keys to a Clear Website Estimate

Five Keys to a Clear Website Estimate As an Web development company owner, a big challenge is providing a clear website estimate to potential clients. If done right, an estimate can give your client a clear understanding of the price

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Managing Code in GIT

When programming, most software developers create code on their local machine. It’s common then to upload the code when everything is ready for production. But in a team setting, that’s not feasible. To make development easier, your team needs a

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