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Survey the eCommerce Landscape

[bctt tweet="#OnlineShopping is expanding. What is your company’s #EcommerceStrategy?" via="no"] Introduction to the topic eCommerce is important for retailers and businesses of all sizes. When surveying the eCommerce landscape, agencies need to be experts, one step ahead of the curve,

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Gutenberg: WordPress is changing?

Introduction Gutenberg, named after the inventor of the printing press, is a newly-updated editor launched for WordPress that is meant to make website editing easier for the individual or company that is not tech-savvy. [bctt tweet="Will #Gutenberg eliminate small IT

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HubSpot Review from a Real User

We love HubSpot. What is it? It is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system we use at IT Hands. Like most Hubspot reviews, we'll share the pros and cons of this service, but first decide: does your business need a

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Advanced Git Features

At IT Hands, we use Git to manage our source code. This is one of the most important parts of our daily work. In general, we mostly use the basic Git commands in projects, like Git clone, Git pull, Git

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ReactJS vs Angular 2.0+

If you are comparing ReactJS vs Angular 2+ you are thinking about the future. That’s great! Let’s clear up a few things first. React is a library and Angular is a framework. If you know what an MVC architecture is,

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