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5 CodeIgniter Myths

CodeIgniter is one of the best frameworks in the open-source community. Other developers may not agree (That’s fine. Everyone is entitled to their own framework preference). But if you’re wondering whether to choose CodeIgniter for your framework, allow me to

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CodeIgniter 2 vs. CodeIgniter 3

CodeIgniter 2 vs. CodeIgniter 3: What has changed? CodeIgniter 2 has always been my first choice for building custom PHP-based applications. Even when CodeIgniter seemed to be languishing in mid-2013, I held on to hope for an updated version. A

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CodeIgniter Consulting You Can Count On

Technology consulting plays a vital role in the IT world. Consultants carry the relationship with clients past the initial outreach of marketing to the business process of projects. When you develop a web site or mobile application for a client,

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