Co-founder, President

Matt loves starting businesses and has helped start three businesses, including co-founding IT Hands in 2001, while living in Southeast Asia for the past 20+ years. At IT Hands, Matt focuses on strategic planning and business development. He is passionate about seeing the growth and transformation of his employees and exceeding the expectations of customers.

What Matt likes to write about : B2B Business Development Business Tips
Matt’s Blogs
Integrity in Business
Doing what you know is right, with little to no reward.

As a business, we are very vocal about our transparency with clients.

Tips for Using QuickBooks to Pay Taxes
Get the most out of accounting and payroll software by QuickBooks to pay taxes.

As the tax deadline draws closer, your business may be in the middle of (or just starting) that annual process of Taxes.

How and When to Get Paid from Clients
Tips for organizing your business so you get paid promptly from clients

If you’re reading this blog, you may have a client who is slow to pay (or not paying at all!) for work done on a project. This blog won’t tell you what to do with that client, but it will walk you through good processes

5 Keys to B2B Relationships
How to create long-term, mutually-beneficial B2B relationships

Business is based on relationships, specifically B2B relationships. Not sales;Relationships. Don’t believe me? Gallup recently found in a study that 71 percent of B2B customers are indifferent or actively disengaged. That means 71 of your 100 customers don’t care about you, your business, or your product. That poses a problem for potential sales, right? Sure. […]

Working with Startups – Balancing Potential and Risk.
Realities of Working with Startups

Have you, or someone you know, ever started up a business? If the answer is yes, then you know the energy that surges through a brainstorming session, as creative thinking creates an atmosphere of openness and the sky’s the limit for innovative ideas. Here at IT Hands, we’ve observed as we work with web companies […]

Why investing in your online presence is vital
Reasons why your business needs an online presence.

Your idea is great, but is it getting the right audience? Have you been able to drive sales exponentially? Or are you simply holding out for the right time to go big? Has all this led to a hint of self doubt and a feeling that your idea isn’t the best? Hang in there…the time […]