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How to Create an App Install Date in React Native
Using module linking to integrate code

React Native is a new technology in the market and therefore does not provide all the native features that we need, so we need to build it ourselves.

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Gutenberg: WordPress is changing?
What to expect with the transition to WordPress 5.0

Gutenberg is a newly-updated editor launched for WordPress that is meant to making website editing easier for the individual or company that is not tech-savvy.

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ReactJS vs Angular 2.0+
The differences between ReactJS and Angular 2+

If you are comparing ReactJS vs Angular 2+ you are thinking about the future. That’s great! Let’s clear up a few things first. React is a library and Angular is a framework.

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3 Steps to Close Deals
How to simplify your sales strategy and close deals.

If you don’t close deals, you don’t have a business. It does not matter how great your business, expertise or product is; if you can’t sell it, it doesn’t matter. When prospects come to you, how do you close deals? You have to give the prospect what they want and guide them to a solution. […]

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CodeIgniter Consulting You Can Count On

Technology consulting plays a vital role in the IT world. Consultants carry the relationship with clients past the initial outreach of marketing to the business process of projects. When you develop a web site or mobile application for a client, you want to know the technology consultant that either you or your client interact with is trustworthy and tech savy.

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Technologies to watch out for in 2015
Three technology trends marketers should look for in 2015.

Keeping with the theme of the holiday season, we are hopeful that 2015 will bring with it many new opportunities. We did a little gazing into the crystal ball ourselves to predict what is in store for 2015 in the technology arena. Here are our predictions. As search engines ramp up their strategies, the world […]

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