Outsourcing Models: 2 Software Development Options

Outsourcing your development work should not be complicated. Here are two outsourcing models to consider.

Are you looking into outsourcing? Not to overwhelm you, but there are far more IT outsourcing models out there than you ever realized. Within IT Hands, we try to keep this could-be-complex scenario as simple as possible. We offer support to companies for full projects or long-term help in a specific skill set. In this blog, we refer to these two outsourcing engagement models as project-focused vs people-focused.

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Project-Focused or People-Focused?

Let me explain our IT outsourcing models a bit more in detail. With the project-focused model, the client works closely with the Project Coordinator, with less direct communication or control over the team, whereas the people-focused model allows the client to be the project manager and work beside the extra staff available to their team. These additional team members usually need to be able to work a certain number of hours. But if you think of them as an extension of your team, you can assign them on various projects within your business.

Project Model

Type of Project

How do you know which IT outsourcing model will be best for your project? We provide a table below to give you an idea when you may need to outsource a full project or just hire extra staff for a certain time period. Take a look and decide: Do you require full-project support or just a few more hands on deck?

Type of Project

Questions to Ask Yourself

Are you building an MVP?

Do you have an idea for an app, but are unsure of whether this “idea” will be successful? Do you want someone else to create your app or web application? Are you wanting to get your product on the market quickly to get user feedback? Let the team focus on the development and coding details and you focus on the user and their feedback.

Do you have a new product with no users?

You can outsource the whole project and allow the team to develop the product, while you focus on feedback and marketing.

Do you have an idea, but no team?

Maybe you need someone else to handle the development, while you focus on creating your product.

Do you already have a successful product?

Perhaps you already have a mobile app, that has thousands of users but you need people to help with additional development to manage the volume or keep it up to date.

Are you wanting control of the project management?

Typically, when you are outsourcing the project, you’re outsourcing the management too. If the outsourcing model you need includes a team that can manage the project fully, then choose to outsource the entire project. If you need additional help, but want to manage the project, then you can outsource specific skills.

Do you need more team members?

In this case, you already have a team with certain skill sets, but need additional support. Perhaps your team specializes in design, but would benefit from technical support.

Do you have a complex product?

If the code infrastructure of your product is complex, but you already have the product built, then outsource the skills for more support. If you have a partially-constructed project then our team can rectify the old code and create what you had in mind from the beginning.

Are you wanting additional support at a fixed monthly cost?

If the cost of a full project is not in your budget, take on a few outsourced employees. You won’t be paying for their insurance and benefits – the employer takes care of that – but you will have a planned-out payment each month.

Do you only want to pay for time and materials?

Rather than paying a salary for extra support, it may be more cost-effective for you to pay for time and materials on a project.

Decide on Your Needs

The decision can be a tough one: whether to outsource all your development or hire a part-time developer. We have met with many clients that needed to discuss details further before making the decision about which outsourcing model they choose. It can be hard to know what type of support you may need until you lay it all out. We understand that.

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