Steve Surya

Steve Surya

Solutions Architect

Steve’s experience in multiple domains has helped him serve in varied roles since he joined IT Hands in 2006. He has been an instrumental part of the organization, helping clients define their technology needs. Steve also works with the Business Development team at IT Hands to deliver the best product to clients. He is a tech geek who loves to keep up to date with new technologies and has used his significant experience and insight to lead many projects to success.

What Steve Surya likes to write about : PHP framework comparison Tools and Technology Web Development
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Drupal 7 vs Drupal 8: A Technical Perspective
4 changes to look for with the Drupal upgrade

Drupal is one of the most secure and reliable Content Management Systems (CMS). Its feature set and flexibility make it very popular for developing websites and web applications.

Steve Surya
How to Plan for Your Big Mobile App Launch
How to manage the influx of users after an app launch

Have you ever thought how many users may hit your mobile app once it goes public? As soon as the mobile app launch to the App Store or Play Store, it is available for the public to download and start using

Steve Surya
What is Your Company’s Average Project Velocity?
How to effectively track project velocity

Project velocity is the speed a project will get completed. For example, a 1000-hour project can be completed in 10 weeks at a velocity of 100 hours/week or 20 weeks at 50 hours/week.

Steve Surya
5 Keys to a Clear Website Estimate
Creating a clear website estimate that will impress your clients.

As an IT company owner, a big challenge is providing a clear website estimate to potential clients. If done right, an estimate can give your client a clear understanding of the price and work involved in the project and start the project on the right note.

Steve Surya
Closing a Deal Effectively
Closing a deal in the right way is the first step to a great business relationship

For a web design company, closing a deal with a new prospect can be a challenge. A relationship can start off smoothly, but when the time comes for a decision, a potential client may hesitate. Why? Why would a client refuse to close on a business deal? A lack of clarity in the relationship. Sale […]

Steve Surya
5 CodeIgniter Myths
The facts behind an improved CodeIgniter framework. Busting common CodeIgniter myths.

CodeIgniter is one of the best frameworks in the open-source community. Other developers may not agree (That’s fine. Everyone is entitled to their own framework preference). But if you’re wondering whether to choose CodeIgniter for your framework, allow me to correct some too-commonly-believed CodeIgniter myths.

Steve Surya
CodeIgniter 2 vs. CodeIgniter 3

CodeIgniter 2 has always been my first choice for building custom PHP-based applications. Even when CodeIgniter seemed to be languishing in mid-2013, I held on to hope for an updated version.

Steve Surya
CodeIgniter or Laravel: Which one should you choose?

CodeIgniter or Laravel: Which one should you choose? It’s difficult to know which framework to use when developing a web application for your business website. There are so many options available.

Steve Surya
CMS or PHP Framework: Which technology is better for my business?
A business technical comparison of CMS and PHP frameworks

Four features distinguish CMS from PHP frameworks. When setting out to build a website for a company, having the client understand these differences will make for a smoother road in development and website maintenance. CMS and PHP Frameworks: Defined CMS stands for Content Management System. As the name implies, CMS gives you, the business owner, […]

Steve Surya