Co-founder, Managing Director

Stan began his career developing software for Caterpillar. He started his own business in America then moved to India and co-founded IT Hands in 2001. He currently lives in India with his wife and six kids, but calls Indianapolis home. Stan’s passion is building software that makes the world a better place.

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Stan’s Blogs
The 5 Essentials for a Successful Project Kickoff Meeting
How to stage a project for success.

Are you wanting a successful, outsourced project? When working with a geographically-dispersed team, a successful project begins with a well-thought-out project startup meeting, or kickoff meeting.

Time and Materials or Fixed Cost: Why T&M is Best
Time and materials or fixed cost: when to use each model

It is tough to know which project approach is better: Time and Materials or fixed cost. When my web development company started to move from a Fixed-Cost project approach to Time and Materials (T&M) with clients, our entire business changed.

Meetings Every CEO Should Have Weekly
Tips for scheduling your weekly meetings to make them effective

There are 3 basic principles for most (if not all) meetings that I schedule as a business owner and Managing Director (another name for CEO).

Benefits of FTEs: A Better Staffing Model
Augment your staff with an FTE employee and enjoy the benefits of FTEs.

In the web business, there are two common approaches for engaging clients in project development: Fixed Cost or Time and Materials. Yet I would recommend another, often overlooked method: the Full-Time Equivalent model (FTE).

3 Acronyms Your Clients Should Know: UAT, UAP and SLA
How to prevent never-ending projects with a UAT, UAP and SLA.

Every web company owner is at risk for a common (sometimes devastating) ailment – the “never-ending project.” This dangerous scenario can be prevented by simply educating your clients on 3 acronyms: UAT (User Acceptance Testing), UAP (User Acceptance Period) and SLA (Service Level Agreement). There may be only one client incessantly insisting that you invest […]

6 Reasons Why a Website Stops Working
Common problems and solutions to why a website stops working

You get a notice from your client. Their website stops working. Again. Before you stress over the fact that you are getting blamed by your client for this “catastrophe” let me suggest some possible ways to respond to this common problem. As you know, a variety of factors play into the function of a website, […]

My Secret to Growing a Web Software Company
Creating Employee Leaders for When You are Gone

If you are a self-aware entrepreneur, then you most likely recognize your tendency to be a detail-oriented perfectionist when it comes to the quality of work in your business. After all, this is the trait that got you started. You are a self-motivated individual intent on good results in a growing business. What if I […]

5 Reasons Why I (an American) Like Working with Indian Developers.

Just after 9/11, my wife and I with our kids moved to Asia following our dreams of setting up an open source software company in India.

Indians and Americans: a great team composition
Reasons why global teams have a competitive advantage. The reasons I love working with Indians in my software company.

5 Reasons why you should include Indians on your Software Team After growing an IT business in India for the past 14 years, experiencing not only the culture, but also the work environment of a business primarily of Indian employees, I can say the experience is a great one. The benefits of outsourcing IT business […]

Supercharge your Software Development Proposals
Seal More Deals with IT Hands’ New Service

Implementing new projects for clients as a business owner can be more than overwhelming. Sometimes building the proposal to launch the project is a chore in itself. Time is limited and resources are scarce. IT Hands comes to the rescue.

Google wants my site to be Mobile Friendly?
Making your site mobile friendly is more important than ever

Is that even a real question? Without a doubt, Google wants to be your interface to queries and provide the fastest search results possible.