Mike Mukul

Mike Mukul

Tech Lead

Mike joined IT Hands in 2008 as a Lead Software Engineer and has grown to become a Technical Lead, assisting the project-delivery team during implementation, challenges and consultation with customers. He is instrumental in smoothing out Delivery/Operational challenges. He enjoys working with diverse teams and his experience in the sphere of technology makes him the primary candidate to handle challenging situations and make the most out of them.

What Mike Mukul likes to write about : Agile Software Development Scrum Web Development
Mike Mukul’s Blogs
Advanced Git Features
6 Git commands that make web development easier

At IT Hands, we use Git to manage our source code. This is one of the most important parts of our daily work. In general, we mostly use the basic Git commands.

Mike Mukul
Why Choose a Progressive Web App?
Learn more about the features in this latest technology

A Progressive Web App is a web application that looks like and acts like a mobile app, and these apps are the latest in the tech world. It is a downloadable technology that looks and acts like a mobile app

Mike Mukul
Codeception: A Proven Automated Testing Tool
A reliable automated testing tool for software testing

Testing is crucial prior to publicizing a software product. There are two types of tests: Manual and Automatic. Both have their benefits.

Mike Mukul
Managing Code in GIT
Getting the most out of a distributed version control system.

When programming, most software developers create code on their local machine. It’s common then to upload the code when everything is ready for production. But in a team setting, that’s not feasible. To make development easier, your team needs a system that can control your version of code. Git: a version control system Git is […]

Mike Mukul
9 Effective Scrum KPIs
Straightforward SCRUM KPIs to optimize team performance.

Whether a software development team uses Scrum or some other method to determine quality assurance, every project has to be evaluated and problems isolated, in order to improve a team’s quality of work. Similar to other development methods, there are effective Scrum KPIs to keep the delivery team and client on the same track. In […]

Mike Mukul
The Future of CodeIgniter
How CodeIgniter 4 changes everything for the CI user.

The future of CodeIgniter is anything but clear. As rival frameworks, especially Laraval, grew, many were sounding the death bells for CodeIgniter. However, CodeIgniter is back with a new version.

Mike Mukul
10 Quick CodeIgniter Tips
Simplify your framework-building experience with 10 CodeIgniter Tips

Whether you are a newbie to CodeIgniter or a CodeIgniter Pro, there’s always more you can learn to make the process easier. I have compiled 10 quick CodeIgniter tips to make your experience with CodeIgniter smoother.

Mike Mukul
Mandrill Integration with Mailchimp: A Guide
How to easily complete your Mandrill integration with MailChimp.

As of April 27, 2016, Mandrill will only be available under MailChimp’s umbrella of services. With this change, you need to know how to complete your client’s Mandrill integration with Mailchimp. Mandrill Overview Mandrill is a very popular transactional email service used by developers. It helps applications send emails that acknowledge a change in password, […]

Mike Mukul
Automation: Improve Workflow With Package Managers
Package managers help boost software development

Speed. It’s a goal you have for your business. How can you deliver a project faster, streamline the process, and ensure a quality product? There are countless options, but one is most effective: Automation. Automating your process, development and quality assurance will definitely increase your delivery iteration. If you’re reading this blog, I’ll assume you […]

Mike Mukul
Mobile App Indexing: How to do it
A technical guide to Google’s mobile app indexing

In our last blog(Mobile App Indexing: What is it?), we talked about some great benefits of Mobile App Indexing for gaining new users and re-engaging existing users. Now we are going to discuss the technical details of connecting your website and your client’s mobile app. Mobile App Indexing is one easy way to solve the […]

Mike Mukul