Chris Hardy

Chris Hardy

Technical Business Developer

Chris’ diverse work experiences, from building homes for impoverished families in Mexico to coaching Jr. High wrestling in Central Illinois, give clear perspective in business and in life. Since 2014, Chris has worked on the Business Development team at IT Hands to create new business opportunities and build lasting partnerships. He currently lives in India, but calls Chicago home.

What Chris Hardy likes to write about : B2B Business Development Sales Strategies
Chris Hardy’s Blogs
HubSpot Review from a Real User
The pros and cons of HubSpot’s marketing platform.

We love HubSpot. What is it? It is the CRM system we use at IT Hands.

Chris Hardy
How Google Inbox Makes You More Productive
5 useful tools to organize your Inbox

You may have Google Inbox, but do you still battle to control your email Inbox? Arriving in the office to 200+ emails can be daunting to the most organized person.

Chris Hardy
Four Qualities of a Qualified Lead
Characteristics to look for in a potential client. Moving from an unqualified lead to a qualified lead.

If you are in sales, you have to network. You meet lots of people with ideas of web sites, web applications and mobile apps they want to build. You’re used to meeting potential clients, but how do you determine a qualified lead?

Chris Hardy
Great Clients and Challenging Clients
How to handle difficult types of clients.

The other day I was listening to a podcast by Michael Hyatt, whom I highly recommend. He put into words a question I have been mulling over for quite a while: How should I think about clients who take a disproportionately high amount of my time and energy?

Chris Hardy
Framing the Business Problem
Understand the business problem and then solve it

When a client comes to you with an idea for using the latest technology, what should you do? Do you inflate the swelling enthusiasm of an entrepreneur or stop and understand the underlying business problem and implications? When clients come to an IT company, they have a business problem that needs a solution. Sometimes technology […]

Chris Hardy
Internet Marketing Strategy: 5 Home Page Questions
5 Internet Marketing strategy questions to answer on your homepage

You have worked hard to develop your internet marketing strategy. And then… 10 seconds. That’s all you have. In that time a person visiting your site will make a decision – to stay or leave. What are people thinking as they browse your company’s website? You don’t need a doctorate in human psychology to know […]

Chris Hardy
10 Internet Marketing Myths: Busted
The Truth Behind Common Internet Marketing Myths

Here are 10 Internet Marketing Myths Expert Internet Marketing is the key for any online business to survive and thrive. With so many different sites online, how can you expect your customers to find you? Are you really doing the best marketing possible or are you still following common Internet Marketing myths? Our free Internet […]

Chris Hardy
CodeIgniter Web Development Company in Action – Case Study

There are a lot of options for web development and every framework and CMS is best suited for particular projects.

Chris Hardy
4 Reasons Staff Love A Web Company
IT Hands creates a culture in which people are not just employees, but family

If you have read some forums on what work life is like in an outsourced IT services company, you may assume the following: Offshore IT employees come cheap Staff are expendable Expect long, miserable hours At IT Hands though, we have an entirely different culture. Our number one resource is people. We don’t just use […]

Chris Hardy
Mobile App Indexing: What is it?
Why Android app development should utilize Mobile App indexing

University Apartments is one of your oldest clients. You have built them a great website and mobile app, but they are having trouble engaging and retaining users on their app. They get a lot of one time installs of their mobile app, but have trouble re-engaging users. Because their user base is only looking for […]

Chris Hardy
Development Day August 2015: Speeding up websites with GULP
Automate your website development with GULP!

Last weekend, the IT Hands team got together for a day of professional development and team building. We learned from each other in areas of Javascript, communication development, UI/UX understanding and how to improve our Agile company process. Each presentation was given by expert and passionate team members in their respective domains. After some great […]

Chris Hardy