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When creating a mobile app, it is helpful to have options. That is why at IT Hands we have experience in building iOS, Android, and Hybrid apps. No matter your mobile strategy, we have the expertise to develop the ideal app for your audience.

Native iOS Development

Everywhere you go people have iPhones. Our team of iOS development experts makes elegant and fast apps for the iPhone and iPad using Swift. Let us show you some of the apps we have done!

Native Android Development

Does your clientele prefer Android over the iPhone? Our team of app developers know the Java programming language and use the Android software development kit (SDK) to create and support your client’s apps.

React Native Hybrid Development

Hybrid apps are a great way to make an app that can be deployed in multiple environments, like iOS and Android. It leads to fast build times and product interactions. Our team uses React Native for our hybrid development.

Startups and MVP’s

There ought to be an app for that! Got a great app idea? We have a proven approach to creating an MVP app for you, so that you can test your idea in the market quickly without breaking the bank.

Maintenance & Support

Maintenance and Support

All apps take upkeep. IT Hands provides support and maintenance for your app, so that you can add more exciting features and squash any bugs that come up along the way.

App Development FAQ

We work in both iOS and Android native environments and also develop hybrid apps in React Native. There are many mobile technologies that we have used over the years. If you have a specific technology need, then just ask us. We have probably worked on it.

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Making money on an app is hard work and a cutthroat marketplace. At IT Hands, we will provide high-quality consultation about how you can monetize your app both in the short and long term.

For a mobile app to function, most have a layer called web services. This layer provides the database and allows for processing to be done on a central server. IT Hands builds web services for all apps, as well as web admin portals for you to manage your app.

Let us help you deliver your project on schedule and on budget.

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